Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! Please stay safe and distraction free in the roads this holiday season!

Hikes in Commercial Fleet Insurance

The behaviors of drivers in a company’s fleet, as well as the policies and structures implemented by businesses and other fleet owners, can significantly impact commercial fleet insurance for better or worse.  For example, distracted driving can negatively impact commercial fleet insurance thanks to the expensive lawsuits that follow. The most recent example has been […]

How Do I Stop My Employees From Texting and Driving

There are few questions I get asked more than how do I stop my employees from texting when they’re behind the wheel. Usually this is at a trade show or on the phone with an individual who happens to stumble upon our website after scouring for a solution. The problem is common but often times […]

Florida Auto-Insurance on the Rise

There are few things in the world that ignite anger quicker than seeing a dramatic increase in your bills. Whether that be power, mortgage payments, or insurance the result is still the same; frustration and a yearning to chew out an under paid customer service representative. Imagine my horror when I viewed my car insurance […]

Preventing Distracted Driving is Scientifically Difficult

No matter how many educational campaigns we see, preventing distracted driving is extremely difficult. It was assumed that avoiding your phone while driving was simply a matter of will, but new research from the Center for Internet and Technology Addiction shows a much more scientifically rooted cause.
Pavlov’s Dog
Picture this: Your driving down the highway when […]

You Don’t Have to Catch Them All!

There are some things in life that need to be carefully explained, like which wire to cut on a ticking time bomb. Other things require much less cognitive effort. Frankly this post feels unnecessary. Do I really need to tell people not to play a game while they are driving? I thought that was just […]

Hilarious Distracted Driving Video

So my wife sent this to me as a reminder not to drive distracted. I found it hilarious perhaps you will too.

7 Must-Haves in a Distracted Driving Solution for Your Fleet

Often times finding the proper distracted driving solution for your fleet can be a daunting task. With a myriad of options how are you supposed to find the right one? At FleetMode we have put together a list of features that your distracted driving solution should have.

The Facts

The fact remains distracted driving is still the […]

How FleetMode Works

I’d like to think of myself as a visual learner so when it comes to understanding the basics nothing beats a quick image to get the point across. If that holds true for you as well, here is a quick graphic to sum up how FleetMode works.

For more in depth information on what FleetMode can […]

Talking on a Hands-Free Device While Driving is Dangerous

Did you know talking on your hands-free device while driving is dangerous? Perhaps this is something that you’ve known anecdotally for a long time but for the millions of people driving throughout the United States with hands-free devices in their vehicles this may come as a shock. According to a recent study published in the […]