FleetMode is a 3 Part Solution

for the problem of distracted driving in your fleet

The Phone

An application added to your smartphone

Thr phone

Silence incoming texts and phone alerts while driving

The Vehicle

A SmartDot added to your work vehicle

The Vehicle

Automatically turns on and off never interrupting work flow

The Computer

Visibility added to your computer

The Computer

Reports on driving behavior and company compliance

Why Distracted Driving Prevention?

Accidents Reduced

FleetMode reduces the number of accidents/ crashes for your fleet. Learn how a major telecommunication company saw a 31% reduction in vehicular accidents.

Cut Operating Costs

Fewer accidents means lower expenses. Save money on repairs, insurance, labor, and lawsuit liability: Discover your savings by visiting our ROI calculator.

Lives Saved

Fewer crashes equals less fatalities on our roads. With FleetMode, you are keeping your drivers and our roads safer. FleetMode changes your company’s driving culture.

The Features You Actually Want

Shield Icon
Automated Distracted Driving Prevention

Automatic activation leaves your employees safe and secure to focus on what matters; safe driving!.

Setting Cog Icon
Powerful Customization

Do you need some fleets to allow calls and others to block calls? You can customize this feature and many more.

Secure phone icon
Works on Android and Apple

When Apple or Android releases a new update you can be sure FleetMode will always work. Including smartphones and tablets.

gps vehicle tracking satellite icon
Affordable GPS Alternative

Always know where your fleet has driven to, and where your company vehicle was last. No need to add expensive GPS tracking.

fingerprint icon
Intelligent Privacy Mode

Separate work from home, intelligent privacy allows FleetMode to only work in your work vehicle.

several stacked books icon
Coaching Alerts for Drivers

Less work for managers. FleetMode provides electronic tools to empower your drivers towards safety.

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