About Us

FleetMode is part of the United Efficiency family of software companies. United Efficiency, Inc. is a recognized pioneer and leading provider of intuitive safe driving software solutions, as well as innovative IOT solutions. We have over 10 years direct experience in distracted driving prevention and IOT software development. We create simple solutions for fleet managers with robust features to improve safety and performance.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Founder & CEO
Stan Van Meter

Chief Software Architect
Matt Furnari

Administrative Manager
Pam Terry

Director of Marketing
Ryan Mezzell

Director of Public Relations
Mark Brisson

Director of Sales
Aaron Cowen

Fleetmode Project Manager
Orin Owen

Artistic Development Lead
Jan Lubeck

DriveMode Project Manager
Larry Vezina

QA Lead
Shawn Canada

Customer Service
Brett Gregor

Lead DriveMode Developer
Ronnie White

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