OHIO TOUGHENS STATE LAW AGAINST DISTRACTED DRIVING. On Monday, October 29, a new law in Ohio will now help law enforcement to crack down on distracted driving. House Bill 95 permits police to cite drivers for moving violations and increase their fine if the police believe the driver was distracted when they committed the moving […]

3 Steps to Preventing Vehicle Accidents – This month’s blog comes from a Guest Blogger – Rhonda Burgess of the Kopelman Sitton Law Group . This Atlanta, Georgia law firm is committed to reducing distracted driving.  There are several ways to avoid getting into car accidents. The following three steps will improve your driving techniques as well as […]

Know where your vehicles are

 Ways for your business to save money while preventing accidents Tracking your company vehicles can save your company a great deal of money in numerous ways. However, many GPS Tracking systems are costly. Businesses seeking to save may use FleetMode as an alternative, and it will also reduce distractions making your drivers safe and our […]

Distracted Driving – Car’s Touchscreen Console !!! Your phone is not the only tech device that distracts you when you drive. No longer is a car radio, just a radio. With greater technology in our vehicles, there is a greater temptations to play with that technology. Which elements distract you the most i.e. distracted driving. A […]

New Study Shows Speeders Are Likely Texters SmartDrive Systems, which completed a video analysis of fleet drivers, reports that drivers who speed are more than twice as likely to text when they drive. Other distractions of speaking on hand-held phones, accessing apps, eating and grooming were all greatly increased by drivers who were observed speeding. […]

  Texting while driving has cause an unacceptable level of texting and driving accidents for the Canadian province of Ontario. As a result, they have made major changes in the penalties for distracted driving. Already passed, enforcement was to begin in September, but because people still do not drive safe, officials have already started enforcing […]

How FleetMode Can Prevent Accidents Like Kelsey Raffaele’s Driving is an activity that requires total focus and attention at all times. Anything that takes a driver’s focus off the road even for a few seconds can put lives at risk. There are many things that distract drivers. Activities from eating, drinking, tuning the radio, and […]

Esurance survey drivers on what distracts them when they drive. In a new Esurance survey, 58% of drivers admitted to occasional or frequent distracted driving. That’s not a huge shock to anyone who’s been on our roads. The surprising fact is that those who admit to driving distracted are 36% less likely to be “very […]

Is this an example of Good Cop/Bad Cop? As states are increasing fines, penalties and the ability to ticket drivers for distracted driving, it appears a call has gone for local police departments to be creative and create Public Service Announcements educating people on the dangers of distracted driving. The City of Tucson, Arizona and […]

We all know that being a distracted driver is dangerous. No one wants the “other” drivers on the road to drive distracted. But are you a distracted driver? Fleetmode helps stop texting while driving,distracted driving prevention,stop texting and driving,no texting while driving,stop distracted driving and we help create cell phone policy at work. Here is […]