Distracted By Music When You Drive?

Those of us who work to diminish distracted driving repeat the refrain of not texting and driving. But are other songs putting us at risk when drive? Arizona State University recently did a report on the dangers of listening to music while you drive. Before you worry about losing your Ed Sheeran or Adele, ASU […]

Uncertainty in Distracted Driving Fatalities

How Many Fatalities due to Cell Phone Distractions?

How many people die each year due to cell phone distractions? The quick answer is – no one really knows! It is believed that there is widespread underreporting by law enforcement, insurance companies, and individuals.

In 2015, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stated there were 3,477 vehicle-related deaths […]

Oregon’s Law to Stop Distracted Driving

Starting Oct. 1, a new law in Oregon will affect drivers for using their cell phones with their hands. It can be texting, or navigating, dialing a number, or even to refuse an incoming call. Simply seeing a phone in their hands is reason enough for law enforcement to pull over a driver.
Those convicted of […]

The Art of Ending Distractions

The Art of Ending Distractions

There are many ways to help end distracted driving from cell phones in our nation. The easiest and most obvious is to put your phone away when you drive, so you cannot access it. But there are other ways to help diminish these distractions, including pledges, AT&T’s It Can Wait rallies, […]

Moms More Distracted than Teens?

A Recent Study Surprisingly Shows “Moms” More Distracted in Driving Than Teens.

In 2015, Mahoning Valley in Ohio did a study about drivers who don’t pay attention to the roadway. It included additional information from The Eastgate Regional Council of Governments.

The study uses two staff people placed at 12 strategic locations across the region that have high […]

Lack of Experience Contributes to More Reckless Driving

Albert Einstein once said, “The only source of knowledge is experience.” The idea holds up in so many aspects of life. We only improve at something once we do it, over and over again. It’s ironic that we must do things, fail at them, learn from them and do them again before we become knowledgeable […]

Washington State’s new Anti-texting law

This month’s blog is actually an editorial/article that our CEO Stan Van Meter wrote for the Kent Reporter newspaper in Kent, Washington. It is to published later this month – http://www.kentreporter.com


On Sunday, July 23, 2017, a tougher distracted driving law with increased penalties will go into effect in Washington […]

Apple adds anti-texting to their iOS11

Apple has announced a new feature in its upcoming iOS11, a feature called Do Not Disturb While Driving (DNDWD). It will be anti-distraction technology that will prevent using a smartphone while driving by entirely blacking out the phone’s screen.

For us at FleetMode this could be both good and bad news. Good news in that anything […]

Your Safety from Cyberattacks with FleetMode

This past weekend as people in the U.S. celebrated their Moms with Mother’s Day, cyberterrorists unleashed one mother of an attack on people’s on-line security, with ransomware called WannaCry. We at FleetMode immediately began to address this attack. While our program already has many safeguards in it to protect from this and other attacks, we […]

Is Texting and Driving an Actual Addition?


We have all heard the rationalizations, “I couldn’t help myself,” “I just had to check my email,” “This text could be really important.” In a recent study 98% of all drivers polled said they knew Texting and Driving was wrong, but 92% admitted to doing it. Why are people […]