3 Ways to Improve the Safety of your Drivers and Products

Safety of your Drivers

Training your drivers for safe driving, on general vehicle maintenance and proper loading will maximize your resources while empowering drivers, giving them the tools they need to stay safe.  

It is of utmost importance that drivers learn to load and secure materials properly, no matter what type of cargo is being carried. Various accidents occur when a load is not properly secured, including: products flying out of truck and becoming a hazard to other drivers, loads shifting causing the vehicle to shift, which can not only cause a serious accident but will result in loss of product and possible lawsuits, among other issues.

Of course, unsafe driving habits like distracted driving (eating, texting, changing music station, etc) will also put any driver, load and company at serious risk.  

  1. When’s the last time you took a driving class? Probably when you got a licence or a traffic citation, right? Many drivers are unaware of basic traffic and safety practices simply because they’ve never been taught properly. Setting up your drivers with materials on safe driving, warning them about back-to-school traffic and severe weather will not only keep your drivers and cargo safe, but make the roads a safer place for everyone as well.
  2. Give your drivers special training on operating their company vehicle while under load, whether it be people or products. Make sure every driver has on-the-job training on how to drive under load. Actions like braking and accelerating take a bit longer, which can cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle if they aren’t careful to be aware of the following: general surroundings, checking all mirrors and staying calm and focused on the road.
  3. Make sure your drivers are trained on how to strap, block and brace exterior or cargo van loads according to the weight and type of load being carried. Loads that are too heavy for the vehicle cause can the brakes, drivetrain and suspension system to function improperly.

Know of some other ways to improve the safety of your drivers, company and products?  Let us know in the comments!