80% of Drivers Admit to THIS Fleet Management Nightmare!


Costly lawsuits involving cell phone usage on the job often incur millions of dollars in damages, and have prompted many companies to put together new safety policies that cover all potential risks. Companies with drivers out on the road face a common, potentially devastating risk: the consequences of distracted driving. After all, a distracted driving accident happens every 24 seconds, causing over 40,000 injuries and 3,000 deaths a year. With such so much at stake, how can you be really sure that your fleet management plan has got you covered?

Many companies:

  • Create a cell phone safety policy for drivers that discourages cell phone usage while operating company vehicles (or while performing work tasks).
  • Educate drivers on the dangers and potential consequences of distracted driving with classes, seminars and meetings.
  • Recognize the safest drivers with a fleet management program that rewards employees for taking responsibility in safeguarding the company from potentially devastating lawsuits, harm to community reputation and more.

Although these are all necessary components of every fleet management plan, even banning cell phone usage in the workplace entirely does not necessarily protect your business from the damaging consequences of distracted driving. After all, it’s not always practical or possible to have a supervisor in every fleet vehicle, and these days, everyone has a smart phone.

According to a recent survey conducted by AT&T, 80% of people admit to texting or interacting with their cell phones while driving, even though they are aware of the potentially life threatening consequences. Why? Have you ever felt a little vibration in your pocket, checked your phone, and there was no new message? That’s caused by the chemical dopamine, which your brain gets a shot of with every new notification, causing you to become addicted to the reward of new information being delivered to your cell phone. To learn about how FleetMode can give you and your fleet management team some peace of mind, click here to watch the video.