FleetMode: An Alternative to GPS Tracking

 Ways for your business to save money while preventing accidents

Tracking your company vehicles can save your company a great deal of money in numerous ways. However, many GPS Tracking systems are costly. Businesses seeking to save may use FleetMode as an alternative, and it will also reduce distractions making your drivers safe and our roads safer.

Recently, Work Truck magazine and website ( hosted a webinar on “4 Bottom Line Benefits of Driver Accountability.” This webinar showed how tracking company vehicles can save businesses money. Associate Editor, Roselynne Reyes moderated, while two fleet consultants, Lindsey Kelly and Mike Johannes from the company GPS Insight presented four benefits of tracking your company’s drivers.

Know where your vehicles are

The four ”take-aways”, Mr. Johannes wanted to emphasize were that companies could A) Save time and money with fleet visibility B) Prevent Side Jobs through monitoring C) Provide Proof of Service through tracking D) Reduce Payroll through verification of labor (this benefit was not tied to tracking vehicles but rather a clock-in/out addition to their GPS product).

Three of those benefits can also be achieved with FleetMode anti-distraction program which prevents accidents (a huge savings to businesses). Using the GPS in the drivers’ phones provides the “last seen” location of the company vehicle their phones are connected to. There is no need to add expensive GPS hardware into the vehicle, nor pay for bandwidth to monitor the GPS signal. Your smartphones already have the hardware and software. When connected by Bluetooth to a vehicle (which is what FleetMode does), a manager who receives info on the phone also receives location information on the vehicle.

The webinar showed how the three “take-aways” can save businesses money. A) Tracking a company vehicle can help if a vehicle is stolen or vandalized. Viewing a driver’s route may offer you less costly alternatives for their route. B) If an employee attempts to use the company vehicle, and the company tools to do a side job, monitoring where the vehicle was, can alert the company to this side job. Side jobs can hurt because the company is still liable if the employee uses company materials like the vehicle. Clients may also expect the company fix any problems that occurred during the side job. C) By seeing where a vehicle has been and how long it was at a location can help in billing disputes. If a client claims a delivery truck never delivered, tracking logs can show when the vehicle was there. If a client claims only one hour of service was done, tracking can show the vehicle was there for three.

These are all nice benefits that could save some money. However, if the cost of the GPS tracking is greater than the benefits, then it does not help the company. FleetMode benefits company vehicles by blocking the driver’s cell phone use which reduces distractions. Fewer distractions mean fewer accidents. One national company saw a 31% reduction in accidents by using FleetMode.

Each accident can cost tens of thousands of dollars to a company. Reducing accidents is a huge benefit to a company. Yet, FleetMode costs the same or less than GPS Tracking, yet offers nearly the same tracking ability and benefits, while it also reduces distractions and accidents.

In today’s business world, employees are being asked to multi-task and be skilled in more than one area. FleetMode is a great anti-distraction program, that also happens to provide your company with a vehicle tracking alternative. Save a little money with GPS Tracking. Save that money and more with FleetMode.