Apple adds anti-texting to their iOS11

Apple has announced a new feature in its upcoming iOS11, a feature called Do Not Disturb While Driving (DNDWD). It will be anti-distraction technology that will prevent using a smartphone while driving by entirely blacking out the phone’s screen.

For us at FleetMode this could be both good and bad news. Good news in that anything can help diminish distracted driving is something we can applaud. But will this new internal feature make apps and programs like AT&T DriveMode and our FleetMode less needed?

Not at all. The improvements that Apple makes to their phones will make our program stronger and better.

What do we know about DNDWD at this time? First, Apple says it is easily disabled. So anyone who wants to give into the addiction of texting and driving will be able to do so.
(FleetMode has accountability to a manager).

From their presentation at WWDC 2017, Apple makes it appears that even navigation apps will be blocked. That may prove to be a challenge for many users.

FleetMode allows a manager to permit FIVE phone numbers to reach you, in case of emergencies. Usually these are the manager, and the home office. FleetMode also permits up to five navigation apps to be used. The keyboard is locked for Facebook, tweeting, and texting, but you can navigate with an app.

Finally, it is the management tools that are available in FleetMode that truly distinguishes us from DNDWD and other apps. FleetMode does diminish the distractions, but it can also help a manager know the location of their drivers, to know their DRVScore, and to provide tools to help them be more focused drivers.

It has long been a truism in business that if you offer a quality product or service, at a competitive price, with great customer service, there will always be a place for you. Knowing that FleetMode excels in these areas, means we know FleetMode will continue to excel as an industry leader.

We applaud Apple for addressing the issue of distractions caused by smartphones. For some people the new DNDWD will be a life saver. For most businesses, the tools that FleetMode provides will make us more attractive.

The more people who have anti-distraction technology on their phones the better we all will be. Our roads safer. Our drivers more focused. And more lives saved. We can definitely applaud that.