April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

FYI – April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, in case you were too distracted to notice.

Developed by the National Safety Council, the month of April has been designated Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Through their website,, you take the Cell Free Pledge, view videos and learn case studies. In a similar effort, AT&T with their campaign has registered more than 14,000,000 people who had made the pledge to not text and drive. Increase your awareness to increase your safety.

At FleetMode, we are committed to helping people be less distracted in their driving. Our technology can ensure that employers can prevent texts and even phone calls from distracting a driver. While pledges to not text and drive are important, technology can insure that those pledges are kept. Many people can pledge to wear set belts, but we are glad there is the airbag technology to protect us.

Why was April chosen as Distracted Driver Awareness Month? Could it be that after a long winter where snow and sleet caused drivers to be more vigilant, it was deemed that a reminder on the dangers of distracted driving would be needed for the beautiful Spring days? Or is it those April showers (that will bring May’s flowers) that can bring downpours and mud slides that requires drivers to not be distracted? The reality is that we need to be focused and aware as drivers all twelve months of the year. April may be a good reminder, but good drivers are needed year round.

To help change the social norm regarding distracted driving, Students Against Destructive Driving ( sponsored a national video and meme contest, “Friends don’t let friends drive distracted.” Creative teens used their skills in communication, art and technology to help develop new ways to keep their friends safe. The winners will be announced this month as part of Distracted Driver Awareness Month commitment.

What can you do as part of this Distracted Driver Awareness Month? May we suggest you use all the resources you can: communication, pledges, art, memes, and technology like FleetMode to raise the awareness of yourself and those you love. Spring with its budding plants and new life is in the air. Remember that when you want to stop and smell the roses, that you have stopped and are not driving distracted. What a great way to celebrate April!