The Art of Ending Distractions

The Art of Ending Distractions

There are many ways to help end distracted driving from cell phones in our nation. The easiest and most obvious is to put your phone away when you drive, so you cannot access it. But there are other ways to help diminish these distractions, including pledges, AT&T’s It Can Wait rallies, driving simulators, and legislation. Now there is art.

The website, Create Real Impact is presently doing an art contest for those young people, age 14-22, to communicate the dangers of distracted driving. What type of art? You can create 90 second videos, or music, or creative writing, or graphic arts, or painting. The contest runs from August 15 – October 6, 2017. Entries will be voted on by the public starting October 7th, as well as Judge’s Picks. Cash and prizes are offered to the winners. For complete details see .

At FleetMode, we work with creative people every day, including the team at AT&T’s It Can Wait campaign. They have numerous, artful videos to communicate the dangers of distracted driving. Begin watching their YouTube videos with a message from Billionaire Mark Cuban – ( ). Likewise, on their website, you will find videos and graphics. You take your own photo, add it your pledge and place it to their photo wall.

FleetMode offered some new posters for It Can Wait to use in fleet garages and employee break rooms. We have two designs. We did our own contest with designers to develop these two posters. The artwork is below, or visit our Facebook and/or Twitter pages.

Artwork is just another way of communicating. When the message is as important as not to drive distracted, then we can use every form of communication we can. It is possible that artwork can help all of us be safer on our roads.