Distracted Driving Collisions: Calculate your Risk


According to, your chances of being involved in a distracted driving collision may be much higher than you think. Though many assume teen drivers are the main culprit in most distracted driving collisions, a study by Wayne State University reports that middle aged drivers are now even more likely to text and drive than other age groups. That means you’re more likely to be involved in a a texting and driving accident with a middle aged person than a young teen driver.

Surprised? Drivers of all ages are at risk for causing or becoming a victim of a distracted driving collision. The only ways to protect yourself and others from these often tragic accidents are to practice defensive driving, use safety apps like AT&T’s DriveMode (or FleetMode for businesses), and take the pledge to never text and drive on social media your social media accounts or the campaign’s website with the hashtag #ItCanWait.

By taking the pledge to never text and drive, you’re spreading the word to family and friends that making the roads a safer place is important, and will encourage them to take the pledge too. For more information on Distracted Driving Collision Statistics, safe driving habits and more please visit If you’d like to find out more information about the ItCanWait campaign, watch videos, make your pledge ItCanWait website or download the AT&T DriveMode app.

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