FleetMode: Protecting Fleet Drivers From Distractions

Fleet drivers

Driving distractions are a real problem for fleets, with talking and texting on mobile phones being the main cause of distraction. Such activity increases the risk of traffic accidents and injuries for drivers, customers and others on the road as well a risk to business operations. Combining fleet safety and cell phone safety, FleetMode is a platform that companies can use to communicate with fleet drivers, eliminate mobile phone distractions and receive reports.

Fleet and Driver Management

The platform is a low-cost tool that is easy to use, and fleet managers can control it from a multitude of devices, including office computers. It improves fleet management by allowing managers to

• Add or remove fleets and drivers;
• Generate customized reports;
• Locate drivers;
• Send drivers text notifications individually or as a group.

The Management Portal produces real-time data, and fleet managers can create a custom cell phone safety policy at any time. The system pushes new policies to the drivers to accept, and their responses are recorded and stored. Companies can also make changes to a cell phone safety policy as necessary.

Additionally, the free mobile phone app reduces the temptation for drivers to text while they are on the road, since FleetMode silences drivers phones so that they do not hear when they receive a notification, and an auto-reply is generated to let the caller know the driver will get back with them when it is safe.


Companies can further improve fleet management and cell phone safety with the SmartDot device. As a companion to FleetMode, this Bluetooth device can detect vehicle motion and the presence of a mobile phone to lock the device’s keyboard, putting a stop to emailing, texting, Web searching and other activities automatically.

The low-energy consumption of the tiny device allows the battery to last for three years. The device is compatible with mobile devices that operate on Android 4.3 or newer and iOS 8 or newer, including the third-generation or newer iPad and the iPhone 4s or newer.

Companies can end workplace accidents caused by distracted driving and improve overall fleet safety with the FleetMode platform. The low-cost solution could potentially save a company’s fleet operations.