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How FleetMode Can Prevent Accidents Like Kelsey Raffaele’s

Driving is an activity that requires total focus and attention at all times. Anything that takes a driver’s focus off the road even for a few seconds can put lives at risk.

There are many things that distract drivers. Activities from eating, drinking, tuning the radio, and talking to passengers can all reduce our attention. One of the most common distractions in today’s world comes from modern technology, including GPS and cell phones. Pausing to answer a call or glance at a text for even just a few seconds can be a deadly mistake.

What Happened to Kelsey Raffaele?

On any given day, teenagers across the US get behind the wheel of an automobile heading to school, work or out with friends, expecting to arrive safely at their destination. Kelsey Dawn Raffaele was no different.

Kelsey was a senior in high school preparing to graduate. She enjoyed shopping, writing, and spending time with friends. Family meant the world to Kelsey. She was very protective of her twin sister, Courtney, and the two were inseparable.

In 2010, life would drastically change for the Raffaele family. At the age of 17, Kelsey made a fatal mistake while driving. She had been talking on her cell phone while behind the wheel. Kelsey decided to try to pass the car in front of her but was so distracted by her phone conversation that she did not see an oncoming vehicle in the other lane. Kelsey hit the oncoming vehicle and died from her injuries.

A split-second decision ended the life of a person who was far too young, a decision that took away her sister’s twin and her parent’s daughter. Bonnie was well aware of the dangers surrounding texting while driving, but it didn’t occur to her that talking while on the phone could be just as dangerous. Otherwise, she would have advised her daughter against it. Kelsey isn’t alone either. Phone use while driving kills and injures thousands of people every single year.

The KDR Challenge

In memory of Kelsey, the KDR Challenge was created. KDR stands for Kids Driving Responsibly, and it is also Kelsey’s initials. Kelsey’s mom travels around Michigan to and spread the word of what happened to Kelsey and encourage students to take the KDR Challenge, which is to avoid using their phone while driving.

Green wrist bands signify participation in the KDR Challenge. Kelsey’s mom hopes that in sharing her story, lives will be saved. In memory of Kelsey, a scholarship has been created in her name for Michigan high school students to create persuasive messages that resonate with their peers to avoid distracted driving.

A Solution for Distracted Driving

As a company owner, your drivers may not be teens, but they are just as prone to distraction. Distracted driving is a problem that needs a solution and FleetMode provides just that. It works by detecting vehicle motion and automatically stops distractions on the driver’s cell phone service.

This means the phone is locked down. It doesn’t vibrate, ring or beep for alerts. The driver stays safe and isn’t tempted to pay attention to calls or texts that don’t need to be addressed while driving. For commercial drivers, metric reports and driver location tracking is available.

Preventing Distracted Driving Accidents

All drivers need to be committed to driving without distraction. Drivers can help spread the message by speaking up when they see someone else driving while distracted. FleetMode aims to provide simple and innovative solutions to combat distracted driving. FleetMode’s SmartDot equipment is the most advanced distracted driving tool on the market and can help keep drivers safe from distracted driving. FleetMode can help your company prevent tragedies like the one experienced by the Raffaele family.