Hikes in Commercial Fleet Insurance

Commercial fleet insurance

The behaviors of drivers in a company’s fleet, as well as the policies and structures implemented by businesses and other fleet owners, can significantly impact commercial fleet insurance for better or worse.  For example, distracted driving can negatively impact commercial fleet insurance thanks to the expensive lawsuits that follow. The most recent example has been the sudden rise in commercial insurance premiums due in part to expensive “nuclear” lawsuits that have forced insurers out of the marketplace. Recently AIG and Zurich announced they would no longer be covering most of their for-hire-fleets. The impact of such a move is a shrinking of the available carriers and the increase of premiums. Check out the Wall Street Journal article to read more about the most recent increases.

While the news coming from the commercial insurance camp may be disparaging, the opposite is also true and positive behaviors can have positive effects. With the right tools, fleet owners can reduce liability and maximize savings in the long run. Be proactive and follow these tools and tips to ensure you avoid expensive lawsuits and accidents within your fleet.

1. Use a comprehensive fleet management system

A thorough fleet management system is a great way for you to monitor your vehicles and drivers. Some of the features you would want to have in such a system include:
– A fleet-wide texting network for staying in contact with all the drivers in your fleet when needed
– Comprehensive reporting
– Driver location technology to keep tabs on where your vehicles and drivers may be at any given time
– Cell phone monitoring to keep tabs on the use of cell phones during driving

2. Implement measures to reduce liability

Even though fleet insurance is purchased to reduce liability should an incident arise, I recommend putting measures in place to further reduce liability. Implementing customized cell safety policies and record-keeping structures like a “distracted driving pledge” by all drivers to not text while driving are just some of the ways.

3. Maximize available technology to get the job done

Implementing policies and management systems is a step in the right direction. Utilizing the best available tools is the next step. Technology that detects vehicle motion, and/or disables mobile phone keyboards to prevent emailing, texting, and web browsing among other activities can prove to be invaluable tools in reducing the likelihood of a distracted driving accident.

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