How Do I Stop My Employees From Texting and Driving

How do I stop my employees from texting

Traffic accident, the car at high speed collided with a small truck.

There are few questions I get asked more than how do I stop my employees from texting when they’re behind the wheel. Usually this is at a trade show or on the phone with an individual who happens to stumble upon our website after scouring for a solution. The problem is common but often times companies fail to mend the issue, opting instead to tepidly mention the company phone policy at some generic meeting. Is it it any wonder distracted driving accidents among fleets have actually increased over the past ten years? The increased elevation of cell phones as entertainment, work, and social platforms have made cell phone use ubiquitous in every profession. This commonality of “phone life” means even fleets have forgotten the importance of phone safety while driving.

It’s usually at a trade shows among peers, when safety managers are able to let their hair down and be honest about their struggles. That of course is when I am typically approached in hushed whispers. The conversation usually goes like this. “We at ABC Company have a problem. We need our work phones, but how do I stop my employees from texting and driving”? The actual answer I give is almost always simpler and more cost effective than you can imagine.

The Answer: How Do I Stop My Employees From Texting and Driving

Often time solutions to common problems require a little bit of common sense, and in this case some helpful technology. So how do you stop your employees from texting when they’re behind the wheel? Change the culture so you can change the behavior. Fleet safety managers understand the difficulty of changing a culture, especially when it is something less than glamorous. Its hard to get pumped up about safety especially when it comes to limiting your phone use.

Step 1. Check your companies phone policy and make sure it is proactive. A well written and practiced phone policy will protect you from most painful litigation.

Step 2. Emphasize in every meeting the importance of not using their cell phone while driving. Try not to bore people with the same content, get creative and stress the reality that any text, email, call, or any other distracting behavior can wait. There are multiple free resources available to every kind of company and every kind of employee. A good place to start would be the National Highway Traffic Safety Association.

Step 3. Rinse and repeat. Like asking someone to wear their safety goggles when they’re operating a saw, repetition is the key to success. Look for more opportunities. In emails to team members, and daily breakdowns, remind them not to text and drive.

Step 4. Leverage technology to eliminate temptation. We live in a high tech world so why shouldn’t utilize the same technology that distracts us to help us. FleetMode is one such product that offers an answer to the question of how do I stop my employees from texting and driving. By silencing alerts, preventing users from accessing certain elements of their phone, and offering managers a custom portal for accountability, we believe we have solved the problem. And for an average cost of a cup of coffee we believe that any company can afford it.

If you would like to learn more about FleetMode and how it can help your company answer the question: how do I stop my employees from texting behind the wheel, then give us a call at 352.385.1803 or check out our website at

No matter how you decide to carry on your phone safety protocol, always remember it can wait when your on the road.