How Effective are Cell Phone Safety Policies in the Workplace?

FleetMode Intro – Distracted Driving Solution for Business from Stan Van Meter on Vimeo.

Sure, you may have a cell phone safety policy in your company already, but is really being observed by your fleet? With the low amount of supervision most drivers receive while on the road, an employer wouldn’t be the wiser if he or she texted or had phone conversations behind the wheel every now and then.

Even companies with strict cell phone safety policies are faced with lawsuits involving distracted driving accidents, often including injuries and fatalities everyday.

In 2010 a Coca-Cola driver talked on his cell phone using a hands-free, bluetooth device while driving a company vehicle. During the call, the driver crashed into another vehicle and seriously injured the victim. Coca-Cola’s mobile policy allowed for hands-free cell phone calls during use of company vehicles, so the driver was in compliance with company policy at the time. Despite the company’s policy, a jury awarded $21 million in damages to the plaintiff in 2012. 

As a fleet manager, it’s your responsibility to keep your drivers and community safe. Be an example in your community and empower your drivers with the tools they need to be safe with FleetMode.

FleetMode reduces distracted driving collision rates by 100% (we’ve tested!). The FleetMode driver app can be downloaded on any smartphone, and the management web portal is easy and fun to use. 

We are committed to making the roads a safer place. If you’d like to join the movement and get more info about FleetMode click here or email us.