Law Enforcement uses Videos as a Way to Stop Distracted Driving

Is this an example of Good Cop/Bad Cop? As states are increasing fines, penalties and the ability to ticket drivers for distracted driving, it appears a call has gone for local police departments to be creative and create Public Service Announcements educating people on the dangers of distracted driving.

The City of Tucson, Arizona and its Police Department created their own video to educate people on why they should not drive distracted. As with many of the videos that are created, the use of children and families appear often, to drive home the emotional cost of distracted driving. Here is the link to their distracted driving video –

In South Dakota, the Sioux Falls School Resources officers work within the school districts, so it made them a natural to try to reach high school drivers on dangers of cell phone distractions when you drive. It appears they made 3 different videos. Here is the link to one of their anti-distracted videos –

Fayetteville, North Carolina used the help of their local ice hockey team to drive home the dangers that can affect your driving. They made 10 different PSAs, each with a different officer and a different hockey player. Here is a link to their anti-texting PSA –

On early PSA from Law Enforcement comes from our neighbors to the north, Canada. A couple of years ago local law enforcement in Abbottsville made a PSA specifically for Valentine’s Day. Simple and effective with the use of the color red for effect., this PSA defiantly appears to be from an Ad Agency rather than some of the more “homemade” PSA we are seeing recently. Here is the link to the video-

One example of a “homemade” video that is both good and bad comes from Woodbridge, Illinois. The PSA begins with some humorous examples of what is distracted driving. Like so many others, this PSA focuses on young drivers on leisure trips. This once again neglects the huge number of employees who drive as part of their work and are very distracted by trying to do other work while they drive. Anyhow, after the humor, a police officer comes on at a very busy intersection with a history of accidents and speaks at length about distracted driving. Most people will turn off the video after a few seconds of his speech. A nice opening, but a very weak close. Here is the link –