4 Life Hacks for Truckers

Life Hacks for TruckersBeing a trucker is a tough job! With much of your time spent away from home, it’s hard to keep up with normal routines like working out, eating well, staying organized and spending quality time with family and friends. Here at FleetMode, we appreciate our truckers and the goods they provide us everyday.

It’s completely possible to keep doing a great job while still taking care of yourself. Because we care, and want to help, we’ve scoured the internet for the best life hacks for truckers,:

1. Exercise while driving. Yes, you read that right. It is possible to safely and effectively work your core, hands and even shoulders while behind the wheel. To engage your core muscles while driving, sit up straight and pull your belly button into your spine through your favorite song, commercial or even at stop lights. Drivers can work their shoulders by performing shoulder shrugs, which relieves tension from your shoulders, providing a relaxing effect. Simply lift your shoulders to your ears to perform the exercise, hold for a few seconds, then slowly release. Repeat this action 10 to 15 times a day or whenever you’re feeling stressed out or tense. Lastly, to relieve and pain in your hands from gripping the steering wheel (and prevent carpal tunnel system) place your finger tips on the steering wheel and gently press your palm downward, stretching the fingers.

2. Eat well on the road. Sounds impossible, right? With so many fast food options out there and the pressure to travel in a timely manner, it can seem like a long shot to eat anything remotely healthy. However, with proper planning, truckers can easily eat healthfully on the road. If you don’t already have a mini fridge in your cab, considering investing in one. Having a fridge full of healthy snacks will not only prevent you from eating foods that are unhealthy, but will save time on the road. Preparing meals using a crockpot or even a Keurig also saves time and money, and guarantees a better quality meal than anything a gas station may offer.

3. How can you stay organized in a small space? Take some cues from Ikea. and add shelving in unexpected places. Need a makeshift pantry? Try tacking up some plastic bins for storage. Have problems organizing your fridge? Grab a small storage container with drawers to keep your snacks organized. Remember that having a clean and well organized truck is not only good for your health, but improves productivity as well. After all, it’s much easier to do your job when your day-today necessities are in their own home where you can easily access them.

4. Spending quality time with friends and family. Possibly the toughest part of the job for many truckers is being away from home most of the time. It’s difficult to be apart from everyone for an extended time, and often you may feel excluded from the events of your friend’s and family’s day-to-day lives simply because you aren’t around. Make the most of your home time by checking in with friends and family daily while on the road (when the vehicle is stopped, of course) and make plans in advance to spend time with everyone you care about during home time. The extra planning will ensure that everyone knows you are engaged in their lives and care about them, even while on the road.

We hope you’ve found these Trucker Life Hacks helpful! If you have any more suggestions for making the best of your road (and home) time, let us know! We care about our truckers and appreciate all the hard work they put in everyday. Please drive safely today and remember, no text is worth a life. #ItCanWait