Great Video on Distracted Driving by the NSC

The National Safety Council, or NSC is dedicated to making the workplaces and the roads a safer place, starting with distracted driving. This informative video outlines some recent distracting driving statistics and studies. A few highlights:

  • 100 People Die in Car Accidents Daily
  • 1,000 People Suffer Severe, Life-Altering Injuries in Car Accidents Daily
  • Collisions are the #1 Cause of Workplace Fatalities
  • 25% of Collisions a Year were Caused by Drivers Engaging with their Cell Phones
  • Cell Phones and Hands-Free Device Both Cause Cognitive Distraction, Bad Driving Behavior and Increased Crash Risk
  • Epidemiological studies in Australia and Canada Show that Drivers who use Cell Phones and Hand-Free Devices Behind the Wheel are 4 Times More Likely to cause Property Damage and Injury
  • Voice to Text Systems on Cell Phones or Vehicle Dashboards are Even More of a Distraction to Driver than Talking on a Cell Phone or Hands-Free Device
The NSC has a great, totally free cell phone policy kit to designed to help all companies implement a cell phone policy that will help keep the workplace and company property safe while reducing liability in the case of an accident. If you’re interesting in ordering one for your company, or want more information about driver safety visit the National Safety Council’s website.