Your Safety from Cyberattacks with FleetMode

This past weekend as people in the U.S. celebrated their Moms with Mother’s Day, cyberterrorists unleashed one mother of an attack on people’s on-line security, with ransomware called WannaCry. We at FleetMode immediately began to address this attack. While our program already has many safeguards in it to protect from this and other attacks, we decide to add a few extra steps as a precaution.

• FleetMode added any new updates to our servers to screen and block any malware, bugs or viruses.
• We at FleetMode, manually verified that every one of our servers, and each of our company’s CPUs had been updated against threats.
• A complete scan of all the traffic that passed through our servers was done to block any malware or viruses.
• FleetMode established data rules for additional scanning on any new data entering our system. (This is to ensure that our clean system remains clean for this any future attacks)
• Through communication was established among all the members and employees of every part of FleetMode to make certain nothing had been missed.

We at FleetMode want you to be assured that we take your online security serious and we are doing our part to make you and your systems are safe.

We believe in safe driving. We want you safe in your fleet vehicles and safe on your computers. Sometimes we need to do more blocking than just blocking texts and phone calls.