Stop Distracted Driving Now! 3 Reasons a Company-Wide Cell Phone Safety Policy is Necessary

Cell Phone Safety

Distracted driving collisions involving cell phone usage on the job often costs companies millions in lawsuits, insurance costs and more. Many companies think implementing a call phone safety policy will offer them assistance with legal issues and other risks involved with distracted driving.

The bottom line is that any company with drivers on the road face a common, potentially devastating risk: the consequences of distracted driving collisions, injuries and fatalities. After all, a distracted driving accident happens every 24 seconds, causing over 40,000 injuries and 3,000 deaths a year.

If you haven’t created one already, here is a short list of reasons to create and implement a cell phone safety policy into your fleet today:

  1. LawsuitsCompanies get sued for distracted driving collisions all the time. For example, in 2010 a Coca-Cola driver engaged in a hands-free mobile phone call while driving a company vehicle crashed into another vehicle, seriously injuring the victim. The victim was awarded $21 million in damages over the single accident in 2012, even though the driver was in compliance with the company’s (incomplete) cell phone safety policy. 
  2. Safe Space: As a fleet manager, it’s your responsibility to keep your drivers safe. Make cell phone safety a part of your daily routine. Lead by example and show your employees that driving safely is important to them and the company as a whole.
  3. Positive publicity: Be an example in your community and encourage drivers to be safe out on the road by advertising your company’s commitment to keeping the community safe. Get involved with initiatives like the AT&T #itcanwait campaign and spread the word about your company’s commitment to keeping the roads safe.

Even with a policy in place, accidents still happen. Take your company’s safety policy a step even further and enforce your safety policy, hands-free, 24/7 with FleetMode. FleetMode is a simple, easy to use fleet management system that helps protect your business and make the roads a safer place for everyone. Visit our website, contact for more information or watch the video below.

FleetMode Intro – Distracted Driving Solution for Business from Stan Van Meter on Vimeo.