What’s more dangerous? Shocking Traffic Fatality Statistics Here!

Traffic Fatality Statistics

Ever wonder what your chances are of being involved in a fatal car accident? Check out this shocking comparison between national crime data from The Federal Bureau of Investigation and traffic fatality statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

If you’d like to view the full traffic data reports from the NHTSA click here. To view the full violent crime data report from the FBI click here.

Traffic Fatality Statistics

We were so shocked by these alarming comparisons between murder and national traffic fatality statistics that we decided to make an infographic (feel free to share and spread the word). Together we can make decisions within our companies and personal lives to start making improving these shocking statistics. Our most recent contribution as a company is the creation of an amazing, affordable app that protects fleets from distracted driving accidents and stops texting and driving on the job once and for all.

FleetMode is a simple, easy to use app that runs on both Android and Apple devices. FleetMode also comes with a custom management portal,  finally allowing managers to configure their cell phone safety policy, generate custom alerts and reports, send out emergency communications, locate drivers and more in real time, all in one place (from any device!). We designed this simple, effective tool with a goal of helping companies create a culture of safety, save lives and help put an end to traffic fatalities on the job. If you’d like more information, email us anytime. We’d love to connect with you.