Traffic Safety

It’s time to go back to school for a lot of children (and teachers) this week! Remind your fleet to be extra aware and take additional precautions on the roads in the coming weeks. Slow down at those school zones, always watch out for children in the roads, and be patient with the extra car-line traffic and frequent […]

Distracted Driving Solution

FleetMode Intro – Distracted Driving Solution for Business from Stan Van Meter on Vimeo. Did you know that every text and Facebook message you receive gives your brain a little shot of the chemical dopamine, causing you to become addicted to the reward of new information being delivered to your cell phone? Though most people are well aware of […]

Fleet Collision Statistics

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration’s latest Traffic Safety Facts reported some frightening fleet collision statistics fleet managers may not have noticed when the report was released in 2012. Although it’s no surprise that collisions involving large trucks can be very serious and sometimes fatal, fleet managers should be aware of these alarmingly high numbers when […]

Distracted Driving

Whether your business powers a large fleet of vehicles or just occasionally requires employees to drive for company business, you could be held liable for accidents caused by distracted driving habits like texting and driving or updating social media profiles behind the wheel. When the employee involved in the accident is found to have been negligent in […]

Distracted Driving

Most teens have a lot going on: homework, SAT prep, college applications, extracurricular activities, sports, AP classes, scholarship applications, community service, even part time jobs. Due to the average teen’s busy schedule, 52% of  teenagers only get 6 hours of sleep or less a night, much less than the National Sleep Foundation’s recommendation of 8-10 hours. […]

Fuel Saving Tips

Though fuel has been less expensive recently, powering your fleet each and every day can really do a number on your company’s transportation costs. Aside from purchasing fuel efficient fleet vehicles, factors like driving habits and regular maintenance also greatly influence fuel costs. Start making the most of your company’s resources and get everyone on the […]

Have you heard about the 3 second rule? No, not the questionable rule observed all those times you dropped the last cookie or piece of candy on the floor (that’s the 5 second rule by the way, but who’s counting). The 3 second rule is a simple traffic safety guideline that easily prevents thousands of collisions (and near collisions) everyday. […]


Costly lawsuits involving cell phone usage on the job often incur millions of dollars in damages, and have prompted many companies to put together new safety policies that cover all potential risks. Companies with drivers out on the road face a common, potentially devastating risk: the consequences of distracted driving. After all, a distracted driving […]