Cell Phone Policy At Work

Cell Phone Policy Templates

Below are two generic workplace templates that you can use to quickly create a cell phone policy at work.
Hands-Free options – Please note that talking on a phone through hands-free options like Bluetooth, or having texts and emails read over the car’s speakers are “safer” than holding a phone or trying to read a text or email. While safer these options are not safe. You lessen your liability, but do not remove it. We’ll start with a very simple one-paragraph version.

Short Version – Visioncasting

At our company, cell phones should not be permitted to distract our team members from doing their work and helping our clients. At no time during work hours, should cell phones be used for surfing the internet or for gaming. Cell phone should NEVER be used while driving a vehicle, operating equipment or in any situation where their use could cause an accident.

Longer Version – To be signed and enforced

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(Company Name)’s Company Cell Phone Policy has been created to provide guidelines for the use of personal and company-issued cell phones during work hours.
This policy is to help employees understand the appropriate times and uses for cell phones while seeking to minimize the distractions, inefficiencies, accidents and time loss the cell phones can create when used improperly.
This policy is for ALL employees, regardless of tenure or position.
Generally, cell phones should not be used when they pose a security or safety risk. Cell phone should not distract the user or others from their work and responsibilities. In order to achieve the goals of this policy, the following guidelines need to be adhere to by ALL employees:

  • Do not use a cell phone while driving on the job.
  • Do not use a cell phone when you operate potentially dangerous equipment.
  • Do not “surf” the web or play games while you are on-the-clock.
  • Avoid using your personal cell phone for accomplishing work-related tasks.
  • Avoid using your work phone for accomplishing personal tasks.
  • Avoid having your cell phone with you during work meetings.
  • Do not record confidential information on any phone unless you have written permission from the company.

The following are appropriate times when a cell phone may be beneficial and may be used.

  • To make and receive company-related calls, especially with clients, at the proper time.
  • For intra-company communication related to a work project or situation.
  • To schedule and be reminded of appointments and meetings.
  • For work-related research
  • For storing and accessing contacts that are beneficial to the company
  • To assist clients/customers with information.

Correction When Needed:
Disciplinary action may incur when improper cell phone usage occurs. An employee may have their cell phone privileges suspended if they do not adhere to the Company Cell Phone Policy.
Termination of employment may occur if an employee downloads, obtains and/or shares offensive, lewd, harassing, and/or objectionable material.
An employee who seeks to circumvent the restrictions on cell phone usage, in particular when they drive or engage in any potentially dangerous behaviors, or who engages in illegal activity with their cell phone will be subject to termination of employment.
I have read and agreed to the Company Cell Phone Policy –

Name______________________________ Date ____________________

Final Thoughts for a Cell Phone Policy

In the age of the mobile phone we understand how important it is to have our mobile device. But like anything it is very easy to become addicted and lose productivity. We hope these tips will help you in constructing your own mobile device policy. At FleetMode we would love the opportunity to help and provide additional examples of policies. While we specialize in keeping your drivers safe, we are also available to help craft an effective policy for non-driving employees as well.

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