Frequently Asked Questions
1. How do I add a Manager?
  • For the Alpha version, the developer has to add the first manager.
  • Subsequent Managers can be added by going to the Managers section of the dashboard and selecting   "+ Add Manager"
  • 2. How do I manage Team Members?
  • Team members can be added by going to the Team section of the dashboard and selecting "+ Add Team Member"
  • Invitation Process:
    1. When a new Team Member is added a text message will be sent to the mobile number which is entered for the Team Member./li>
    2. The text message received by the team member will have a download location for the FleetMode Driver (Client)
    3. Team Member installs the FleetMode Driver, enters confirmation code and pledges to drive safely
    3. How do I customize my Fleet policy?
  • Go to the Settings section of the Dashboard, select "Fleet Policy"
  • Modify the policy as necessary and select "Save"
    • This policy will be pushed to the driver and the driver will be prompted to accept the new policy.
    4. Where do I manage alerts, notifications and add additional Fleets?
  • Go to the Managers section of the dashboard and selecting the Manager name from the left column, select the "Pencil" from the top right of the Manager header banner.
  • Managed Fleets are the fleets which the manager has visibility to within the FleetMode Portal.
  • To add another Fleet, select "+ Add Another Fleet"
  • To remove a Fleet, select "Remove Fleet" from the right side of the Fleet you want deleted.
  • Default notification destination will be the e-mail address and phone number listed for the manager
  • Alerts to be sent can be turned "OFF" or "ON" by the toggle switch to the right of each alert.
  • 5. What if I forgot my password?
  • For the alpha version, the developer has to reset the password. Please contact us to reset your password.
  • 6. How do I access Reports?
  • Go to the Reports section of the Dashboard.
  • Reports can be searched for a specific event, date, user or event type be filtered by the items in the left column of the report screen.
  • 7. What is the Dashboard?
  • This is the primary view and snapshot of the Fleet status.
    • Graphed Weekly events
    • Fleet Location
    8. Where are the team member's alerts?
  • These can be viewed by individual team member or by fleet.
    • Individual member - Go to the Team section of the Dashboard, select specific individual in the left column.
    • Fleet - Go to the Reports section of the Dashboard, all alerts are listed by default and sorted by current date.
    9. Where do I logout?
  • At the top right of every screen within the DriveMode Fleet portal is a "logout" option.
  • 10. How do I start an accident investigation for a team member?
  • Go to the Team section of the dashboard.
  • Select the individual in the left column and then select the Triangle icon "Accident Report" from the top right.
  • The default period will be the current date, however a historical date can be selected.
  • The map will reflect the location history of where the team member was during the selected period.
    • The specific time (range of time) can be adjusted to get a more defined snapshot of the locations during the date selected.
    • Select the "boxed" time and slide it to the left or right to limit the period of time being displayed.
  • The events related to the date selected will be listed.
  • This report can be e-mailed by selecting the "Mail Icon" from the top right corner of the page (pending functionality).
  • 11. Fleet Msg
  • This is for notifying your team
  • DO NOT send a message which requires a response.
  • Orange icons are vehicles which are driving, Blue icons are stationary vehicles.
    • The color of the dot to the right of the team member's name correlates with the vehicle.
  • Select the individuals who you would like to send a message to, under the Team member column.
    • Selecting the member a second time will deselect the team member.
  • Select the individuals by creating a fence around the members on the map.
    • Pick a point on the map to establish a starting point.
    • Pick another point on the map to begin the fence.
    • Pick another point on the map to continue the fence.
    • Pick additional points to continue the fence.
    • Pick the original starting point to "close" the fence.
    • If someone within the fence needs to be deselected, simply click on the individual under the team member column.
  • Select the "Clear Map" button to deselect everyone.
  • Type the message needing to be sent in the box which says "Type Fleet Message Here".
    • Once the message has been typed, select "Send Message" to deliver the message.
    • The "Clear Message" button deletes the previously typed message, in preparation for a new message.
  • Previous Messages lists the messages which have sent.