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Projections disclaimer
Projections are based on historical average performance of actual or simulated savings. Cost, Cost Analysis, and savings data shown represents anticipated results. Anticipated results are no guarantee of future results and actual results/savings may be higher or lower than the results/savings shown/projected. Therefore the stated figures should not be relied upon exclusively of your own due diligence and analysis. Your savings may fluctuate from year to year and from the projections provided.
Projected savings/performance disclaimer
Savings highlighted in this presentation are simulated and projected based on past performance, history, and previous analysis data as cited. This presentation contains simulated savings/performance which does not represent actual performance of assets during a period.  If the simulated strategy had been implemented during the period the actual savings/performance may have differed significantly from the simulated savings/performance presented.  These simulated savings/performance were prepared for experienced business professionals who understand the limitations of simulated savings/performance. Past performance (whether actual or simulated) is not indicative of future performance.
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