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Cost of Motor Vehicle Crashes to Employers – 2015

Accident Severity
Average Cost2
Property Damage ONLY
$ 5,890
Property Damage and Personal Injury
$ 64,981
Property Damage and Fatality 2
$ 671,514

Projected Accident Cost Analysis

Accident Cost No FleetMode
Accident Cost With FleetMode
Gross Annual Savings
Property Damage Only Accidents
Non-Fatal Injury Accidents
Fatality Accidents
Year 1 Gross Savings
3 Year Gross Savings

FleetMode Cost3

One time hardware cost
Yearly FleetMode cost
Accident reduction rate4
3 Year Cost
3 Year ROI
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Net Savings by Year

Estimated Net Savings – Year 1
Estimated Net Savings – Year 2
Estimated Net Savings – Year 3
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